You Simply Got To See This Insanely Cool 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda!

We all love watching classic Detroit muscle that is giving us the adrenaline rush experience only by looking at them, and that is why we are in a constant search for great examples. But every now and then, we stumble upon some specimen that makes you fall in love with it from a very first sight. Today we are going to show you one such muscle car, perfectly restored and highly customized model of 1971 Plymouth Barracuda!

This perfection that you are about to see in the following video, this stunning 1971 Plymouth `Cuda Pro-Tuner is powered by the powerful Indy Street Legend Hemi`s 605ci V8 engine that is boosting 850 HP and 790 pound feet of torque. I`m sure that even from the very first look at the intro photo, you have realized that it is highly customized model of Barracuda, something that none of us have a chance to see often. Inside, there is a slick leather material and other state of the art gadgets, to put it in another way, it is a dream car for all those muscle cars aficionados who can afford themselves a perfect muscle example. But do not get your hopes high, because even if you can produce the money for it, it has been sold.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that we should not enjoy its irresistible allure and one of a kind appearance. So let`s not continue `chitchatting` about it for too long, just watch the video and feast your eyes with this original beauty. And if you want to find out much more details about it, go to this link.