Some of the Very Best Moments from The Gold Reflection 2011!

The video that you are about to see bellow, is a very good and exciting compilation with some of the best rides that were shown on the Gold Reflection festival in 2011. I have got to tell you from the start, some of these cars, trucks and other custom made, highly bagged vehicles, really left me speechless -- it is a gathering of some of the best looking rides out there and I guarantee you that you will get equally impressed as well.

This great auto event was held down in Tunica, Mississippi, where it seems like most of the highly bagged pickup trucks all over the United States have gathered at one place and created one of the best auto shows of this kind. The video that you are about to see is a segment from the “Golden Reflection” DVD and it is a five minute of pure joy and entertainment. I can not give you much of details about the vehicles that you are going to see here, but I think that everything above mentioned would be pretty enough to tickle your curiosity for having a good time, watching great custom built vehicles.

Finally, check out these cool trucks!

Enjoy the video below!

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