Check Out This Spectacular Mazda Drift Truck Hot Action!

Do You Thinks You Can Never Drift Properly With A Truck?! Well, This Guy Doesn’t Think So! This Mazda Drift Truck is powered by a Mustang v8 5.0-liter engine and it pulls like a demon!

In today`s world the number of things considered as impossible in the past constantly diminishes. For example, there are people who think that if you try to drift with a pick-up truck you won`t be able to or even if you do, it won`t be proper drifting. That`s why there are enthusiastic car lovers to prove all those pessimists wrong! Like this guy in the video. He was often told that drifting with a truck was unlikely to happen. Therefore, he implemented a new engine in his vehicle and went on the track to test it and later to compete with it. This guy is now an inspiration for all of us to start a drift truck project! Want to know if he was able to drift? See it for yourself and tell us what do you think!

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