CRAZY Snowmobile Action Across The River! GoPro Changed my Life!

As the summer time is counting its last days of this year, we decided to give you a video of the days that we are yet about to experience. So we came up with this video from Sweden, shot just a few days ago, and as you are about to see, summer days are long gone up there and guys got out their snow bikes and started to have a fun in their own way. The main protagonist in the video clip is Tobias Lindberg, together with his snow bike mates, having fun in Langtrask, Sweden. And I have got to tell you, this guys really have some skills driving their crazy snowmobile (call it what you want, snow bikes, snowmobiles, water scooters)!

As you will see in the video bellow, Tobias is doing a Wheelie on the snow surface, than makes a perfect transition from the snow into the water and back again on the snow, everything you can imagine on this type of dangerous terrain.

And why not? Should he let a little water stream get on his way of having a great outdoor time? I do not think so, and Tobias definitely does not think so. So watch the crazy snowmobile video and get inspired for the next season that is right upon us!

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Enjoy the video below!

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