CHEVY CHEVELLE Pro Mod Drag Car Does 6.08 SECONDS At 246 MPH!

All of you who are following us on a regular basis know well by now that when it comes to the American muscle cars, especially the classic Detroit muscles from the late 60s and early 70s, are not something that it is strange to the Europeans. We have had numerous and various opportunities to see all kinds of American muscles on European ground. But in most cases, it was usually a display of those great vintage muscles, a treat and a feast for the eyes of the bystanders. However, this time we have a totally different situation, a video from utterly thrilling and fast Pro Mod Drag Car on a race that happened a little more than a month ago on the Tierp Arena race track, in the town of Tierp, in Sweden.

As you could have read in the title, the result is absolutely jaw-dropping! But would you be even more surprised and thrilled if I tell you that this is the result of the car that actually lost this drag battle?! The winner of this drag battle has managed to break the 5-second barrier!

The reason why we had not put that in the title, is simply because the clip itself is dedicated and made for that Pro Mod Drag Car Twin Turbo Chevelle, driven by Andreas “ärtan” Arthursson, and it follows him from the warm up until the finish of the race. Unfortunately we cannot tell you what kind of the car is the winner, except that it is also a Pro Modified muscle ride, and the man behind the wheel is Niclas Andersson.

However, I really believe that you are going to enjoy the following three minutes, and see that great Pro Modified Chevy Chevelle doing 6.08 seconds at 246 mph, and its opponent who had a result of 5.93 seconds at 239 mph. And if you want to see more Pro Mod drag racing with very similar cars, click here.