Worst Car Parking Fail You Will Ever See!

We are all familiar with the everlasting stereotype that women are bad drivers, and though we cannot be for sure positive whether this really is true or not, the following video might give us a hint hence we take a look at the worst car parking fail you will ever see.

Worst Car Parking Fail Blonde Woman 1

There are two types of people in this world when watching such videos of other people failing at everyday tasks; the one being those who would laugh till they start crying while the other being those who feel frustrated by the fact that people could not finish such simple and easy task. You be the judge and see whether this is worst car parking fail you have ever seen. A guy from the apartment films the whole parking attempt.

A blonde woman is approaching in the parking lot with her VW Golf and finds a perfect spot to park her car. Or this is what it was supposed to look like. She tried to park her car in reverse but without any success at the first attempt. Then she tries to do it once again but still she could not do it. Several attempts later and she finally managed to park the car. But she parked the car so bad that there was not enough room for her to open her door so she had to get out from the other door. This seemingly simple task of parking your car turned out to be a horror for this woman. Check the video for more!

At last, we give you 30 parking fails that will make you cry and laugh!