You know well that here, at, we are always presenting to you the latest and most innovative, cutting edge technology, that will make your everyday driving and riding experience safer, easier and at the same time, more joyful. Today we are going to present to you the latest motorcycle helmet and skull protector named Skully AR1, which at first may appear as an ordinary helmet, but it is far from it. In the most positive way!

The Skully AR1 is `labeled` as the smartest motorcycle helmet in the world that has far more functions than just keeping your cranium safe. It is equipped with the latest smart technology, such as `heads-up display` on which you can get a full info about the riding speed, the fuel, there is a 180º rear camera, a caller ID…

According to the general info of Skully Systems, this helmet can work for straight nine hours on only one charge, and it has been certified for use, everywhere on the planet.

This cutting edge technology motorcycle helmet is directly connected with the smartphone via Bluetooth, and it displays all the info (such as GPS) on the visor. To make a long story short, it is completely revolutionary new helmet that will raise the bike riding experience to a whole new level! If you want to equip yourself with this new motorcycle accessory, you will have to cash out $1 399.

Now watch the video below and see how this new and awesome hi-tech helmet looks like! And if you want to read a complete review about it and find out how to purchase it, go to this link.