The Extreme Tree Stump Removal With Ease!

Ever wondered what happens to the tree stump one the tree had been cut down? Most of them end up being rotten, some of them even re-grow. But what happens when you want to get rid of a tree completely without ever worrying if it is going to re-grow. People came up with a solution and a very clever one. In the following video we see a tree stump removal machine that looks awesome. It is called Fecon Stumpex, and to be precise, the machine is mounted on a Bobcat. So this serves like a helper and can be used by anyone who has a Bobcat.

The way it works is pretty simple. The machine has a diamond shaped blade that is used to grind the tree stump from the middle. Inch by inch, using its sharp blades, the machine cuts through the tree with ease, leaving behind tiny shredded pieces. The only thing you should be careful of, is the diameter on the tree stump hence it can`t be larger than the diameter of the blade. This neat tree stump removal technique could make the job look so easy. You should no longer worry if the tree is going to re-grow.

For more info about the machine, visit the official website.