Who is Wrong Here? Cyclist is Sabotaging a Lamborghini Aventador or …?

Today we have prepared you one really interesting video, which is not `exclusively enjoyable` and only for the best Lamborghini fans, because this time, the great Lamborghini Aventador and all of its one of a kind and out of this world attributes are coming down second, oppose to the action that is happening, in which the main role is for one a little bit `flamboyant` and arrogant cyclist.

To be perfectly honest with you, I cannot say that I`m a hundred percent sure what is actually happening here in this video, but the impression that I get is that this cyclist is not really in his right mind, and i think that he will be followed by a bad karma. Because, this is one of the rare situations that we get to see, in which the pedestrian (or the cyclist in this case) is wrong, and does something that is not right for the car`s driver, in this case, this awesome black Lamborghini Aventador. Maybe he should get an encyclopedia or something, and find out that the cars actually belong on the roads primarily, not the bicycles.

Check out the video and tell me what you think.