When you have some of the best Japanese rocket-sleds, demonstrating their ultimate horse and torque power, like this SUPRA DYNO, whether it is on the track, or on the dyno (like in this case), you should know that you are up for an adrenaline rush experience and one hell of a great and attractive power demonstration.

Do not get me wrong, but with all the respect to the domestic Detroit muscles and their unparalleled charm and appeal, I think that we can all agree that Japanese cars at the very top as well, however you look at it.

Here we have a video clip which was dated five years ago, from the well known Auto Salon series, when some of the best specimens of the prestigious car club, “Club High Rollers”, were displayed for the visitors to admire their power and beauty.

Starting with one hell of an attractive Nissan GTR R35, that is putting out about 600 HP at all four wheels, finishing its dyno performance with flame throwing spectacle, there were also two Nissan GTR R34s and one Toyota Supra, boosting over 3 000 HP between each other!

Just take a look at the following video and feast your eyes with this ultimate SUPRA dyno power demonstration! And if you want to see another video of it, and find out some more info about the event, go to this link.