WaterCar Panther: The Fastest World’s Amphibious Car!

The best summer gadget is here! Imagine that you can go from the road directly into the water without leaving the vehicle! Well, you don`t have to do that, because you can see it for real right here! This is the most fun amphibious vehicle with high performances on Earth! Of course it is fun, it is all in one vehicle! The WaterCar has a satisfactory land speed of more than 55 mph, and the water speed is 44 mph. This is possible thanks to the Honda 3.7 liter VTEC engine. Moreover, it was designed and built by Fountain Body Work.

Watch this amazing video with the WaterCar Panther,  The Fastest World’s Amphibious Car! The producer started to take orders from the 1st of July this year! Enjoy!

Enjoy the video below!

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