Because most of us (if not everyone) can never get enough of watching great drifting, we keep on showing you video clips with different and awesome drifting experiences, done by professional drift-drivers, and by amateur enthusiasts as well, who has the ability to shake up our positive mood and vibes. Besides the drivers, there are also the cars, some real drifting monsters, and some of them ultimate sleepers, completely unsuspected of being able to do something extraordinary like reverse entry drifts, and yet…

Today we have prepared you two and a half minute video with something really awesome, something that will hopefully give you a hardcore dose of adrenaline rush, as you are about to watch some true reverse entry drift kings, who are taking things to another level.

I do not want to be a spoiler and tell you what and how, because I really believe that you are going to enjoy the ultimate reverse entry drifts of these maestros, some of them more, others, less successful. But all of them equally attractive and fun to watch.

So check it out and enjoy it. And if you want to find out which are the best drift cars, according to TopSpeed`s choice, go to this link.