Watch THE FASTEST Side By Side Radial Pass in The World EVER!

Those of you who are big fans of drag racing, and most of the big time enthusiasts of the fast as hell drag cars, are probably well familiar with the fact that the drag radial racing has significantly taken off in the last two or three years. I think that many will agree with me that for this, we have to thank to some awesome promotion that were done by different promoters. There are Monty Mikho of the Yellow Bullet Nationals, for example, or Duck X Productions and Donald Long, and others of course. There are two types of radial pass racing: those who are competing on `big tires` (315/60/15), and the ones who are running with `small tires` (275/60/15).

Both of them have become extremely popular, and the time records seem to be dropping at almost every important event, as the drivers in both classes are taking the advantages of the electronic controls, and all the other tech-stuff they have at their disposal.

Today we are going to show you a video clip with one really impressive race, actually, the fastest side-by-side radial pass ever, done during the No Mercy 5 face-off between DeWayne “Big Daddy” Mills and Stevie “Fast” Jackson, at South Georgia Motorsports Park. I`m not going to tell you who is the winner and what is the exact time and speed, but will only mention that is fast as hell and very close!

So watch the video and find out for yourself, I`m sure it is much better that way! And if you want to see another awesome and very fast Drag Radial race, click here.