Warning: Do Not be Fooled by this Boot Bandit!

No one likes getting tricked or fooled in any way but this Boot Bandit managed to do just that. According to the police, this Boot Bandit tricked hundreds of people which supposedly were enough to collect as much as $50,000 this summer only. He hides around corners and in mall parking lots and all he does is pretty simple. He boots the wheel on his victim`s cars and offers them a fast solution to this problem. This scammer was eventually caught by the police but the whole story behind the whole situation is far more interesting.

Do Not be Fooled Boot Bandit police investigation 1

This illegal operation took its place all the way from Chicago to the suburbs. Truck drivers were scammed as well as bikers and it looked like nothing could stop this Boot Bandit. In the following video victims speak of how they got scammed and the whole operation was well thought. He had no official permission or contract to boot them. He even put boots on disabled people and demanded cash from them.

He demanded $190 for cars and $1000 for semi-trucks whilst saying that otherwise they will be towed at double the fine. This was excellent plan, that is, until the police managed to track him down and arrest him. They also found huge sums of money in his car, supposedly from his victims. He operated in Naperville, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Forest Park, Berwyn, Bridgeview, Markham, Matteson and Lansing. Some victims even say that this is like getting robbed without a gun.

What do you think, would he get what he deserves and what would the verdict be? Finally, check out the whole Jiffy Lube scam revealed.