2500+ HP Twin Turbo Small Block Performs DYNO Test!

When we are talking about small block engines we can`t forget to mention Wild Bill Devine. Now, when we mentioned him, we ought to tell you that his engine is presently at Steve Morris`s workshop, Steve Morris Engines, where efforts are being made so this twin turbo small block Ford engine can reach the even number of 3000 horsepower. Now, a word or two about this motor. It is 438 cubic inch small block engine made by Ford that runs on methanol. It also has 83mm twin turbos manufactured by Steve Morris`s friends from Bullseye Turbos. Also, the cylinder heads are custom designed by the one and only Dave Visner. And of course there is twin injector per cylinder.

One thing we found very useful in this video is that Steve Morris gave us a thorough look on the dyno results unlike the majority of other videos where we only see the final numbers. Thank you for that Steve! So, we mentioned the dyno and you better sit tight because this is going to be one heck of a test! This twin turbo small block engine made the peak torque (1944) at 6700 RPM, and the maximum number of horsepower delivered is 2544 at only 7100 RPM! Not bad for a small block engine!

At last, follow this link if you want to visit the official website of Steve Morris Engines.