Viper Vs Viper! Stock vs Modded! Check The Difference!

Viper lovers your day has come as today we have the most awesome video ever prepared not by one, but two Dodge Vipers that hit a public road in order to identify the difference between a modified and a stock version of the car. This Viper vs Viper thing made us lose our minds!

The orange Viper is the one that has intake and full exhaust system on. The additional tuning resulted with 714 hp and by that the orange Viper has 139 more hp than the stock one. We must praise the roll racing model to prove the difference between the almost identical cars, as this type of racing takes out a lot of variables as launch, traction and reaction time.

At the end, some positive words for the grey Viper. This beauty is part of the Carbon Edition and Dodge has made only 50 of them. It is a real pleasure to see one of this limited edition on the street, because most owners prefer to treat these vehicles like garage queens.  Also, the orange Viper should not be underestimated, because it is a TA and Dodge again made few of them or more precisely, only 126.

Less talk -- more fun, you can now enjoy this Viper vs Viper video and post your comments for it. Have fun! Anyway, check out this TT Viper showing strength!

Enjoy the video below!

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