MINIATURE V8 Nitro Engine Worth Loads of DOLLARS! You Must See This Amazing Little Peace Of ART!

We always want to share videos of some crazy things that are custom built with everyone here! This is definitely one of those videos! Check this amazing V8 Nitro Engine. Unfortunately, we have no specs but it`s really awesome! It is hand made V8 engine worth loads of $. There are people who are really talented. Whoever built this did a splendid job! This little V8 nitro engine looks ridiculously good! Some people are hanging out in their yard by doing barbeque, chatting, playing cards etc. All that for fun, of course. These men here are having fun in a slightly differing way. They are sitting next to a mini engine giving it a test run! Regardless its size, this motor sounds pretty good, we admit, although it sounds like it`s not running on all 8 cylinders. Do you have any advice how to fix that?

The man recording the video did a good job by shooting the engine from a close distance, so we can have the image of its components, and how it is assembled, due to the fact that it`s handmade. Now let your imagination work, where do you think this engine will fit the best? If you ask us, we think putting this into a remote controlled vehicle would be a great idea! Wherever this little V8 nitro engine goes, it will certainly make a huge difference! After all, this little handmade BEAST has a staggering 4 HORSEPOWER! That is some serious power! LOL! Nonetheless, the craftsmanship of this little engine is ASTONISHING! This is just one of the many reasons we shared this small beast with you guys! Make sure you don`t miss this piece of art!

Lastly, follow this link to see how these guys combine Nitro and an ATV!


18 thoughts on “MINIATURE V8 Nitro Engine Worth Loads of DOLLARS! You Must See This Amazing Little Peace Of ART!

  1. Eddy

    Try venting you fuel tank

  2. jeff

    Get temperature reading at each cylinder exhaust on the header they all should be the same, the coldest one is the one not firing. Check the firing order and plugs for clues.

    1. Bo Rock

      Exactly …. also looks like left bank is spitting fuel

  3. Mikey

    Put into a model car, get a receiver in it. Make it a Monster RC drift machine!

  4. Larry Yeagley

    Would love to see a mini gravy digger with that motor in it

  5. Shawn Scott

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rusty Hinges

    I saw those on sale at Toys R Us last week!

  7. Mark H

    Sounds like all cylinders are firing. Is it possible that the valves are floating a bit when its revved up??

  8. Todd

    Compression check, then spark check, then jet check, then head check.

  9. DR Lee

    That is so cool! I would pay for that!,….

  10. Rod Pallant

    Hi there, firstly beautiful piece of engineering, all the comments above have merit, plus ignition power/ timing,
    plugs/wires, valve timing 110 @ 50 thou , ignition timing start at 48 deg btdc ,
    My main concern is lack of fuel pump, ( mechanical) hilborn or similar, a nitro motor will run so much fuel you wont believe the consumption !
    This engine sounds so flat it could be running low grade petrol, wheras it should be realy cracking and barking at you.
    I used to run a nitro injected V8 bike so am interested in your project, good luck Rod Pallant

  11. Jay

    sick little beast! It’s like a mini chucky engine….

  12. Adam

    Check out Colony V8 on Youtube. They have blown versions.

  13. htvfd460

    If its nitro. It needs good glow plugs to start and run. The needles need to be synced and it looks like there isn’t a pressure feedback hose from the engine to the tank. You want a little raw fuel to come out because that’s the engines lubricant. Nitro is meant for 2 strokes.

  14. James wright

    Where can I get one ?

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