Up In the Air with 2014 Ford Expedition! FORD Built Tough!

It has been a while since we had a great and exiting video in which in stead of a monster truck struggling in the bounty hole, we have an SUV model, giving us an amazing performance, on which we can all admire and cheer. But this time we have prepared exactly that – an awesome 2014 Ford Expedition SUV at Dennis Anderson`s Muddy Motorsports Park event, proving to everybody what a great vehicle it is and all the cool stuff that can be done with it.

When you have a great dirt track and perfectly prepared Ford Expedition that is up to the challenge, you have nothing less than a spectacular show that will give you a real adrenalin rush and pure pleasure from watching it.

This great, black Ford and its driver are one of those guys who are making old papa Henry proud that his name is there on the grill. The whole performance is so great and attractive, especially the jumps, it looks like it is literally going to take off up in the air. Even a guy like Lebron James would become jealous on this Ford Expedition`s jumping potential.

Finally, check out this lifted Ford Built!

Enjoy the video below!

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