UNUSUAL Competition: Sickle Bar Mower vs The Good Old SCYTHE!

It is always entertaining on the country side, especially when you have more spare time! One of the vast array of things to do is to gather group of people and organize a unique country side contest! Today`s video is the perfect example of such event! You have the chance to see a “competition” between a BCS Sickle Bar Mower and its predecessor – the SCYTHE! This occasion has a good number of spectators with recording devices, because it is really a sight worth to remember! We suppose that both contestants started at the same time, it would not be fair if they didn`t.

But the technology quickly advances against the old school tool. However, it does make things easier for us, but sometimes it can fail us when we need it the most! The sickle bar mower in this case suddenly stopped, while the man with the scythe was continuously moving forward towards victory! Although it seems like the mower has the advantage, the scythe is slowly but surely doing the job. Like the story of the rabbit and the turtle. But if you ask us, regardless the outcome, we will always choose technology over manual tools.

At last, follow this link to see one astonishing drifting madness with a John Deere Lawn Mower! WOW!