UNBELIVABLE: How To Inflate A 2000lb Tire With Starting Fluid Fire?!

On the video bellow you can see a little trick that will shock you for sure! A man inflates a 2000lb tire with liquid fire! Unbelievable! Embrace the science from a whole new perspective! Here is how you can inflate the tires of your farming machines if you do not have an air compressor by your side. But be careful, what may seem as fun in the first place, can easily lead to an accident. Do not try this if you are completely know what you are up to.

On the other hand, this way of tire inflating can be really handy and save you a lot of time. Also, your satisfaction could reach a significant level, if you succeed. So, do not go to a full scale performance before you make sure you have tried on a smaller tire.

Enjoy the video below!

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