Enjoy This Ultimate Fail vs Win Compilation!

It`s great to have a win compilation once in a while.

Ultimate Win Compilation 2

Thanks to the internet, we are connected to the world like never before. Having said that, we can see all kinds of activity going on in every part of the world. While epic fail compilations are more popular, we are more than happy to share with you this awesome win compilation that features people succeeding in the most unusual ways imaginable. This compilation is made by the YouTube channel MonthlyFails which has over 300K subs. They collected the best clips of August 2017 that are sure to spark your imagination. You can see a truck climbing on a platform with a very risky ramp and ridiculous amount of load. Nevertheless, these guys somehow manage to make it.

Up next in this win compilation, you can see a flooded area and a car that dearly needs to be rescued. Because the car can`t run and the car recovery is nowhere to be found because of the flood, one guy manages to help get this car on a truck in a very peculiar way. He decides to push the car with his car from behind and thus load it on the truck. They manage to succeed the impossible with huge cheers from onlookers. When it comes to awesome driving skills, one truck driver with huge load manages to climb one of the most treacherous tracks we have ever seen. Some people don`t have a truck to carry all that cargo they need, so they opt for more alternative solutions. One guy decided to transport his huge cargo by strapping what looks like half a ton of cement to a very old family car.

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