1500HP Lambo TT Superlegera vs 1400HP Supra vs Nitrous 1000RR!

Check this drag race between TWO 1500HP Lambo TT Superlegera vs 1400HP Supra and the Nitrous 1000RR!

Underground Racers decided to bring out everything they have in order to show everyone that they are no joke! You have probably all heard about the so called “Street Racing Superbowl” in Houston where the very best compete and battle one another! However, one of the best races was the one between 1250+ HP Supra and the 1500+hp Lambos! But that`s not all, the video also contains many more match-ups of this historical event! Unfortunately, this is only a part of the event caught by 1320video, but it is enough to see the most important parts! You have to see this!!!

Underground Racing show to everyone what they are all about! Watch it and share your opinion with us!

Finally, check out this magnificent ride here!

Enjoy the video below!

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