TREE vs Dodge SLT 4X4 Cummins 5.9L! Who Wins? See The Clash Between MACHINES AND NATURE!

We really don`t know how trees can agitate someone. Apparently, even being an immovable object is enough for someone to get angry. Most people cut trees down when they feel they have no need for them. The guy in this video however, thought that this was not enough! Instead, he decided it would be a great idea to use his truck to PULL THE TREE OUT! Don`t believe us? Check out this battle between the Dodge SLT 4X4 Cummins 5.9L and a TREE in a yard! Things didn`t go as well as these guys probably wanted, we are sure of it!

This video here can be also titled as MAN VS NATURE. We don`t know for sure how this guy came up with an idea to pull down a tree in another way rather than the one we know it, with a chainsaw. Nevertheless, let`s see what is going to happen. He had to try 6 times in order to succeed with his intention. In the first try he uses a strap but after a little more pressure on the gas pedal the strap snaps. Then he takes his heavy artillery out, a chain. He tries several times, and after a while the impossible happens! The little tree was finally pulled out of his place! It didn`t go without a fight though! That Dodge SLT 4×4 struggled quite a lot to get the tree out of the front yard. It might have even sustained a bit of damage after all the strain put on the clutch! Nonetheless, they did accomplish what they originally had in mind, and that was getting rid of the tree. Make sure you see the stubbornness of the driver! It is really amazing!

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