When you own an SUV you always want to experience something more with your vehicle. Especially if you are an adrenalin junkie. That`s the kind of person that wants to push the vehicle to the max. On the other hand, it doesn`t matter if you are driving an SUV or not, it is always a good feeling when you implement some new parts into your vehicle and try them out later. So, in the video below, you have the chance to see a driver who takes the excitement to a whole new level. The recording is relatively short, but there is a lot to be seen. It will keep you tensed right from the beginning. This video starts in a way that is rather unexpected. You can see the SUV JUMP from a height from which an ordinary car was about to jump, it wouldn`t have been undamaged like this Chevy here.

Our guess is the jump was only a warm up. Then, this vehicle continues raging by drifting and releasing a variety of gearheads` favorite sounds! To make this whole SUV jump show perfect, the driver does a U turn at the end.

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