Top 10 Car Wash Fail Compilation!

Filming a fail these days is something fairly common as all of us can simply take out our phone at any moment and grab hold of the action. Fails got viral more than ever and compilations are being constantly made. That is why in the following video we take a look at car wash fail compilation.

Top 10 Car Wash Fail Compilation laugh funny 2

Here is the top 10 choice and probably most of you will agree with it. Have you ever though that those automatic washing machines can cause damage? The guy in the first video shows us how dangerous they can be if you are not careful enough. Namely, he opened the front door in order to get something of from the windshield and at the same time his door got stuck in the buffing rollers which eventually completely broke his door.

Furthermore we see what happens when your rooftop windows are not closed as they should be. In the following video we see water rushing in from the rooftop windows as the women on the inside try to stop it using towels. We all know that they are going to end up soaking wet.

If you have ever wondered what is the “proper” way to wash your cars` interior, check the video number 8. Using a mop with soapy water this girl completely soaks the inside. Imagine how long it took for the water to dry.

You could also destroy your entire car just by washing it! Want to know how? Check the full car wash fail compilation for more!

At last, check out the most expensive car wash ever that costs $10,000!