Remember all the videos we had that included trikes? We had ones that we small and cute, others were pretty extreme while some were wild and fast! But the “Oscar” definitely goes to this one – The ROCKET 2!!! This is the one that could even make Agnes from `Despicable Me” say: IT`S SO AWESOME I`M GONNA DIE! And that is without exaggeration. The coolness on this one is over any rate possible! With the size of limo, and the HUGE TIRES this one can take the title for BEST TRIKE EVER! It`s all clean and neat and doesn`t lack anything! Watch the video and see Tim Cotterill riding this one the whole day while people admire it!

Even though it is enormous, it is very fast! It can reach 200 miles per hour on the highway! The best part here is the braking mechanism it has! With a simple touch of the brakes, he can make a vehicle that is moving with a speed of 200mph to stop in few seconds! The key to its success is the parachute that comes out from the back in order to stop it! Check out the Tim Cotterill Rocket II video and see what we`re talking about!