Passing Cars and Motorcycles on Open Road With It Is EASY AS PIE!

We all know that the Nissan GTR is one of the fastest sports cars in the world, pride and peak of the genius Japanese technology and engineering. Most of the times we see a demonstration of its power and speed on the drag strip, in a face off battles with other powerful and fast cars, whether it is some muscle monster or other sports cars. That is why I think that it would not be wrong if I say that watching it on an open road, in `normal` road conditions (whilst all the other cars are driving casually), is something that is bringing up our impressions about its speed, on a new, higher level. In order to see if that is right, and whether you share my opinion, we have prepared one video clip, in which we have an opportunity to watch how other cars look like when a new 2015 Nissan GTR R35 is passing cars by, driving on high speed.

There is also a motorcycle rider behind it, who is trying to keep up with the GTR and who is obviously positively impressed with this road action.

So check out this cool GTR passing cars video and do not be shy to share your thoughts about it in the comment section below. And if you want to find out more about the new 2015 model of the Nissan GTR R35, go to this link.