Three 2013 Red Dot Design Awards For “Vision Hall” by Hyundai Motor Group!

Mabuk Campus at Hyundai Motor Group University as the human resources development center won 3 awards in the “2013 Red Dot Design Awards” These awards are one of the most prestigious in the world of design and this is the first time Hyundai Motor Group wins such an accolade.

The `Vision Hall` , actually it`s symbolic communication space with a very large video wall. It was the winner in the category of  “Event Design”. There were 2 media works shown on the wall: “Who Am We?” and “Mobius Loop” and they had win in the categories of “TV, Film, Animationa” and “Corporate film”.

the `Vision Hall` lays on 990 m2 with a video wall  with dimensions 24m x 3m where the Hyundai visions and management philosophy are played with the 8 times better  resolution than regular cinema can offers. There is also included a state of art 3-Dimensional sound system.

Hyundai Motor Group`s University in Mabuk Campus was opened in 2012 in order to share the group`s core values, vision and high quality managerial employees` education.

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