This HANDMADE Porsche Engine With Scale 1:3.2!

You might not be aware of it, but you are truly about to experience something really special!!! Assuming that as a Gearhead you are a HUGE fan of all sorts of cars – sports cars, luxury, street cars etc.! In addition, you are probably a Porsche fan, and you love the 911 Porsche! What is your favorite thing about this elegant vehicle? Is it the body that gives that special look or is it the wheels that spin in such a way that relaxes you by simply watching it move! All that for sure, but you probably love that ENGINE that is hiding under that shiny hood! Well, we are proud to give you this video where a Dutch Porsche lover, owner and driver, has built a handmade Porsche Engine with a scale of 1:3.2!!!

What is so cool about this is that the model is not only a static, but it is actually WORKING!!! It is amazing how this genius has built such a small engine by only watching at some drawings from the factory! Moreover, he has built everything with his own hands!!! This is absolutely fantastic, and we assure you that the revs and the sound of this handmade Porsche engine will FASCINATE you and make you think of putting this engine in a go-cart or something!

At last, if you want to watch an interview with the man who stands behind the world`s smallest V12 engine, follow this link.