The New Dodge Durango “Gumball Machine” with Ron Burgundy!

Take a look at this perfect commercial for the new Dodge Durango! And who is better than Will Ferrell`s character from “Anchorman” – Ron Burgundy to present it to you! He is giving you the other side of this vehicle as he calls it – the Gumball Machine! He says everyone already knows about the HEMI V8 engine under the hood and the 360 horsepower, but he discovers the glove box that has HUGE storage where you can keep all sorts of stuff like for example, 70 packs of gum!!! What is this?! A Gumball Machine or a Dodge?! Find out the answer in the video below!

Watch The New Dodge Durango “Gumball Machine” with Ron Burgundy: Oct 4, 2013

Finally, see what happens when you give a redneck a Silverado!

Enjoy the video below!

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