New Honda NSX Is On Its Way To Los Angeles Auto Show 2015!

The new Honda NSX is going to be presented at this year`s Auto Show in Los Angeles and many people are eager to finally see it! Well, do not hesitate, it`s on its way, all you have to do now is to book your tickets to LA and enjoy the show!

2017 acura nsx 1

2017 acura nsx 8

2017 acura nsx 2

Now let`s see what`s under the hood of this mighty BEAST! A 3.5 L Twin Turbo V6 which can deliver up to 500 Horsepower ALONE as well as 550 NM of Torque! The acceleration from 0-62 mph is stunning as well as it can reach it in 3 seconds!

Finally, find out which is the best SUV regarding mileage!

2017 acura nsx 3