Check Out The BADDEST EVER Dirty Bird Concepts 30″ Bagger! Can You Ride This THING?

Check out the baddest Dirty Bird Concepts Baddest 30″ Bagger of all time!

It is truly an honor to present you this mad creation from Sinister Industries that will definitely leave you in awe. The first thing that you’ll notice on this insane machine are of course the 30” wheels with 40 degrees rake. Moreover, they modified the bike with a hydraulic clutch, box stores windshield, exhaust right behind the front wheel, etc. Right after explaining the details of the bike, the guy in the video named Josh will satisfy your need to hear the amazing sounds that this beast can produce. At first sight, this motorcycle may seem non ride-able, but at the end you will be assured of its mightiness on the road. Please share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think.