Watching a spectacular drag race is one of those things that is giving an adrenaline rush to all of us! But sometimes, the spectacle can come in another shape and form, not in the usual way, when we see those great rides setting the strip on fire and achieving incredibly fast results. The following clip that we have prepared for you today is a great proof of that as these Chevelle brakes lock up!

And what we have here is the chilling experience which the guy named Tim Albright had in his highly customized Pro Street Chevy Chevelle, during his battle with another Chevelle SS at the Ozark Raceway Park Street Machine Shootout.

What happened is the following. Just as the drag race started normal and everything seemed fine in those first seconds before both of the cars were about to cross the finish lane, something happened to Tim`s 1970 Chevy Chevelle brakes and the entire front end of the car fell down, and sparkles and smoke started coming out of it.

The aftermath says that it was the brakes that locked up, causing both front tires to blow off, but in the same time, the nitrous system stayed on. It was really a scene that could have ended up much worse, both for the car and for the driver. But fortunately, this was one of those situations when we can talk about saving a bad day from getting far worse!

So check out the video and see what I`m talking about! And just to get a better idea of what I`m trying to say, go to this link and take a look at the video of some of the worst drag race crashes!