There are some great looking Nissan GTR R35 models, and there are some absolutely stunning and totally irresistible ones that are able to knock us out even from just looking at them. And for those amongst you who consider themselves as a big time Nissan GTR aficionados, I guess there is no need to emphasize the fact that Liberty Walk is one of those body kits that are transforming the Nissan GTR into the above mentioned supercar that is taking our breath away. By now, we have seen quite a few Liberty Walk Nissan GTR examples, but trust me when I say that this one that you are going to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you, is at the very top. It is called Liberty Walk Airforce Nissan GTR, and by all means if you ask me. The car is super-fly and it looks like it is just about to take off.

Too bad that we do not have the exact info about the power of that Twin Turbo inline-six under the hood, but I have no doubts that it is very powerful. Just watch the video below and take a closer look at this beauty yourself. And if you want to see other Liberty Walk Nissan GTRs, go to this link. However, give the Airforce Nissan a glimpse first!