Super Made Toyota JZS161 Aristo!

Different factors have impact on automotive culture. As in the fashion industry, the car industry faces different types of styles starting with regular and simple and ending who knows where. Thanks to the Internet today we get information on automotive tends all over the world. This information comes mainly from Japan. If one thinks about it, it is fact that it is extremely difficult to think of something new so that you can have your vehicle refreshed in a unique and original way. That is something that Japanese are very good at. In this context we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Yoshida-san who knows how to make cars noticed. He is rally well-known not only for his contributions to the drift scene, but also for his original work in the VIP style. Therefore, while in Japan, we invited him to give us some info on his newest creation.

In this new vehicle, Yoshida-san mixes two styles one of which is the VIP style that may be seen in the sports wheels. The JZS161M Aristo is painted in matte white and has some Speedhunters stickers on it. All in all, it looks really cool! The car also features front bumper, a bit low grille and HID lights. The covers of the headlights are yellow and that is a detail that not all the people like. Some of the changes include 2 exhaust pipes and widened fenders that make the car look furious and wild.

The interior is as interesting as the exterior. It has VIP style details, but it also has some sporty details and several Auto Guage details. The seats are made of leather and extremely comfortable. The thing we liked very much was the curtains that keep your identity unknown. This VIP style makes the passengers feel VIP, too. The 2JZ produces about 330PS that make this vehicle more aggressive than it seems. And the vehicle can drift, too. How cool is that?!

We hope that you are convinced that there are still some innovative auto designers who still have something to say. Yoshida-san is definitely one of them.

Super Made Toyota JZS161 Aristo