They say people always desire things that are prohibited. One such item from a Gearhead point of view is undoubtedly the Nissan Skyline. On the other hand, if a certain thing is forbidden, regardless if it is popular or not, it will gain popularity for sure and will become even more desirable! Albeit Nissan Skylines are not street legal in the States, videos of them are definitely legal! Watching videos that feature NISSAN SKYLINE R34 DRIFT is the least we can do.

Anyhow, today`s recording is about one really astonishing Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 that will make you stand up from your seat and give applause. This particular vehicle totally deserves it. Starting from the engine sound, exhaust sound, turbo sound, to the flames and the amazing burnout, this automobile is worth our complete attention. Thumbs up for the owner. Just pay attention to the people that happen to be at the same place with the R34 – everybody turns the head! And that`s just during daytime. When the night comes, this vehicle reveals its true personality by burning some rubber showing us what a NISSAN SKYLINE R34 DRIFT means!

At last, follow this link to watch another drifting monster -- Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 with Ford V8 under the hood!