Stop Stick Tire Deflation Device!

We have seen hundreds and hundreds of movies where police officers in a frantic attempt try to catch the getaway car with the help of the spikes device that will deflate their tires immediately. But, in reality this is way different and it has been proven that the old school way of doing that is extremely dangerous for it might cause the car to lose control and crash into someone else. Hereby, the guys from StopTech have designed and developed a tire deflation device that is going to achieve the same goal of slowing down and eventually stopping the getaway vehicle but in a much safer manner.

Best Tire Deflation Device 2

It is called the Barracuda and it can help you in stopping vehicles enter in restricted areas. It is reloadable, multi use barrier strip that provides perimeter security. There is only limitation to the device. It must never be used on motorcycles! Besides that, you can use it to stop cars, SUVs, trucks and buses. The Barracuda will deflate the tires in about 5 seconds, which would mean that the getaway car will not lose control over their vehicle immediately.

Beneath the protective housing are hidden the hollow Teflon-coated quills. They act as valves and release the air from the tire slowly. This tire deflation device weighs just 3 pounds and has been designed to roll over on the proper side during deployment every single time. The Barracuda is weatherproof, reloadable and durable, thus meaning you could use it over and over again. What do you think about it?

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