Stormtrooper JEEP Wrangler Impresses Little Kids! STAR WARS Fans Be Like!

It is 2017 now, and if you ask people what is the most anticipated movie in this year, many will answer Star Wars. You would have to live under a rock in order NOT to know about this incredibly famous movie franchise! Many people are huge fans of Star Wars, and many people decorate things in that theme. In the video we are sharing with you guys, you will have the pleasure of seeing a Stormtrooper SUV cruising on the streets! Just the mere appearance of this vehicle was enough to make the kid in the background say WOW! No worries though, we said the same thing when we first saw it.

Just like the Stormtroopers, this Stormtrooper SUV is black and white. What makes it more appealing is the fact that instead of normal tires, it has tire treads. Furthermore, it has lights on its roof. Who knows, maybe these guys are going to the Battle of Hoth. Anyways, to make things even more Star Wars like, the people inside the SUV are all dressed as Stormtroopers! We have to admit that these guys did a really nice job and probably made those kids day. So, if you are a big fan of Star Wars and a gearhead, you will undoubtedly love this video. Enjoy!

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