The New BMW 3 Series 2018 Images Are AMAZING!

Today is a good day! New spy photos have been released for the amazing New BMW 3 Series 2018! The new vehicle is codenamed G20 but will be the new car of the German automaker! With this one, BMW is aiming to get the small luxury sedan sphere right in front of the rivalry Mercedes-Benz!

2018 BMW 3 series cover

2018 BMW 3 series 5

Even though we do not have spy shots of the motor hidden underneath the hood of the New BMW 3 Series 2018, we still have some numbers for you! Expect to see this one in 2018 with a 2.0 or a 3.0 L engine along with a 3 cylinder engine for other markets which does not include the States!

At, last the New BMW 3 Series 2018 has been revealed! Check it out!