Spielberg Confirmed – The Movie About This Classic Cars Collector Should Get The OSCAR!

We have seen numerous great documentaries about cars, movies too, but the following Oscar Nominee is a Macedonian movie which blends together the idea of the love towards cars and the wonderful life story of a retiring biology professor.

Spielberg Confirmed avec lamour macedonian movie oscar 1

This small budget documentary has been a great hit recently and many critics seem to have liked it. Steven Spielberg is one of them and he says that this Macedonian movie is the best one he has seen in years. Avec L`Amour which is the name of the movie will have its premiere at the Sarajevo International Film Festival next week. It has a 97 percent of positive votes on Rotten Tomatoes, and it looks as a seriously promising movie. But will it manage to retain its position several months from now?

The documentary portrays the story of Dionis, who is a retiring biology professor. But his life is more into something else, a different kind of passion. He owns hundreds of old and rusted cars and some of them do not even work, but he equally loves each and every one of them. His goal is to turn this collection into a museum open to everyone. We see a scene from the movie where he asks his wife to borrow him 200 euros just to buy another rusted car.

Jay Leno has even said that he will be visiting Negotino, the town where Dionis lives, and he would love to see each and every one of the cars, and who known, he might end up purchasing one or two!

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