Loopmachine SPIDER-Looking “RIDE” Introduced On Streets!

Inventing new vehicles is a real dream job for the majority of today’s students and this time we have to praise the ones that created this dangerously looking wheel chair that can surely be put in the next major sci-fi Hollywood movie. Just like a massive spider, this Loopmachine wheelchair moves with a low speed, but makes everyone turn around as it offers a futuristic appearance and a movement that guarantees fun.

The Dutch University project resulted in this nice work that has massively overcomplicated wheels, but who knows, maybe exactly this creation will mark our future. We have to admit that this prototype does not have any advantages over the regular wheelchairs, but the way it moves is totally new and cool and I bet that after watching the introduction video you will want to try it on. Fans have already expressed interest in this creation, that obviously has a really big potential. According to us, it just needs several upgrades like an engine, so it can move faster. Regarding the wheels, they are perfect for off road surfaces like some rough terrain or stairs -- something that can help the handicapped people a lot.

However, we still wonder how this Loopmachine makes turns, so if you have any idea, feel free to share it with us. And if you by any chance look for a wheelchair motor, here you go!