This 1971 CAMARO is About The Set The Woods on FIRE!

Here is something that will put a smile on the face of everyone who loves watching a great rubber burnout and tire shredding. We have one awesome model of 1971 Camaro in a black paint job and the well known racing stripes, somewhere on a secluded road in the woods (or nearby), doing a massive burnouts and giving us a school example on how to create a clouds of smoke.

And here is what kind of a car it takes to do these `surreal` and massive clouds. As above mentioned, it is a 1971 Camaro, powered by a 350 cubic-inch L82 engine, and also equipped with a Tremec TKO 600, Dart IE platinum 200 cc, Holley commander 950 TBI, Mec roller cam, MSD ignition and a few other things.

Today we will see this awesome Detroit muscle doing only burnouts, not racing. But it is nice to know that according to the video info, this car`s best Quarter-Mile time is 12.72 seconds at 112 mph. Not the fastest we have heard or seen, but that is not the point here. Now, just watch the video and see how this guy almost set those woods on fire with his crazy burnouts.

If you are interested in a comparison between the `68 Camaro and the new model of Camaro from 2011, go to this link.