This Guy is Doing Some Rolling Burnout With This V8 DW86!

Talking about the massive rubber burnouts and creating a smoke scene? Well, if you ask me (and the guy in the video), it does not get any further than this, believe me! The guy that you are about to see in the following video is totally crossed out up in the head and if someone like Al Gore could see him doing this, they will lock him up forever and throw away the key! Lucky for him, we are not going to tell anyone. Because, someone who is capable to do such a serious drift work and massive rubber burnouts should not be committed but rewarded, if you ask me. The video was made during a shooting session about the V8 DW86.

Guys from the Speedhunters also wanted to get a few burnout shots, and their host decided to satisfy their desire, so he filled the entire world with CO2.

I have got to tell you that I can not remember when was the last time I actually saw something like this. You have got to give it to the guy, even though I seriously doubt that his neighbors would agree with us.

Anyway, these guys drifting live behind News Reporters are awesome!

Enjoy the video below!

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