Small Truck Achilles Vs Ninja Turtle – Funny Turtle vs Truck Video!

Do you know that story from the Greek mythology in which the legendary and unbeatable hero Achilles is racing with a regular turtle, but the turtle is given a head start, so no mater how faster, stronger and bigger Achilles is, he can never win that race battle. The story line is that because the space is infinite and the rules in the cosmos are universal, Achilles never stood a chance against the turtle because of the start advantage. This is a yet different story, about a turtle vs truck race!

Well, today we are going to present you with a video that has some sort of a parallel meaning with the Greek story, because what we have is a small pickup truck in a race battle with a home grown, but very ambitious turtle. But this time, roles are reversed and our Achilles truck has a head start advantage, so no matter how much this persistent turtle is trying to beat it, it simply can`t! Check out the Turtle vs Truck race!

Rules in the cosmos are universal and they apply the same to anyone, remember?

Watch this great funny video and have a few laughs and enjoy yourself. Finally, how about the fastest turtle alive?

Enjoy the video below!

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