SLOT CAR RACING European Championship! Fastest Lap EVER – Less Than 2 Seconds!

Here at MuscleCarZone, we promote every form of racing. In the video below, you`ll see a remarkable type of racing where a lap is done faster than your eyes can blink. These little cars are so fast that they become indistinguishable streaks of color. Welcome to the Slot Car Racing European Championship!

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Most of the narration in the video is in Finnish. However, between the description and the action going on, we think we have concluded what`s going on. The crazy action starts at 41 seconds, before that, they show the competitors preparing their cars for racing. You can see a lot of soldering.

We don`t really know what exactly goes into creating these cars, we can`t even tell how they monitor what number of laps each slot car completes. The commentator of this championship appears to say that victor Benes Dzenik has finished 1,119 laps. A close-up of the planning screen demonstrates lap times being made in under two seconds for the scoreboard. The cars` top speed can reach over 100mph! However, you may be concerned about the flying off track and hurting someone. However, they are being kept on track because of their huge downforce. So we guess that if they do fly off, much of the force will be lost. Check out the amazing video from the Slot Car Racing European Championship below!

For more info about this interesting event, follow this link and visit the official page.