Should You Always Press The Handbrake Button?!

There are dozens and dozens of myths and dilemmas that have been going on lately about the proper way that you should take care of you car. People took some valuable time and put them to the test to see whether they are true or not. Some of them have eventually turned out to be absolutely correct, whereas some were absolutely nonsense. There has been a myth that has been going on for some time now of whether you should push the handbrake button while you pull it up. Some say that it is eventually going to cause some damage to your car, whereas some say that it does nothing wrong to it.

Should You Always Press The Handbrake Button 2

It is time to find out. We take a look at this short video where a guy busts all the dilemmas each and every one of us has had. First of all, for those of you who do not know, there is a nice explanation and a demonstration of how the handbrake works. He uses a 17 years old car to show how it works, and if you take a closer look, you can see that ever after so long time of not pushing the handbrake button in, there is no significant wear to the mechanism at all.

Any type of wear to a metal is caused by heat and since there is not much heat at this mechanism, there is no wear at all.

Now you know everything about this ever-lasting dilemma!