This is HOW Ships Tackle Massive Waves!

If you are afraid of travelling with ships or if you have sea-sickness often then this video is not for you. What you are about to see is brutal! We have a compilation of 8 ships and they manage to tackle down massive waves and heavy storms.

ships tackle Massive Waves 1 NPB

Imagine finding yourself in such situation! The sailors must have been very well experienced and learnt the proper way to get out from such difficulty. The first ship`s camera is mounted at the top and is filming in front of it. The weather is awful and the waves reach heights of several meters. There is a huge splash when he hits the wave but everything ends up just fine.

There is also a video from a huge white ship that is just nearby the shore, but the waves are so massive and there is no easy way out. It took the ship several minutes to sail away and nearly avoid accident.

You could also find a video from a military ship facing massive waves with spectators nearby on a platform ship. No one would wish to be in a situation like that, especially if you have sea-sickness. The next time you travel with ship, be aware of the weather conditions!

Anyway, have you ever tried RC ships? Check it out!