Scary Bear Moment: Biker Has Close Encounter With Bear Crossing The Road!

This scary bear moment occurred on February 14, 2016 in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. It was published by the YouTube channel – ViralHog. Now, first of all, we want to say that thanks to everyone having a GoPro or a similar device of this kind, we are going to continue witnessing more of these things in the future. Some of these moments that are being captured by GoPro cameras are downright insane and very scary.

Scary Bear Moment 1

This was definitely the case for one biker who was just casually riding down the road when all of a sudden a baby bear jumps out of the forest onto the road and starts chasing him. We can`t imagine how scary this might`ve been for the biker who just narrowly missed the beast. This kind of things definitely doesn`t happen very often. Having said this, thanks to this wonderful invention called GoPro, this biker now have a very exciting story to prove. We also have to salute the biker`s quick reflexes because it was a very close call in him hitting the bear and causing a huge accident. Because of this, this bear moment has a happy end.

Neither the biker nor the bear were injured. However, there`s one mystery left to be solved. There was one cyclist just behind the biker. We wonder if he encountered the bear as well. Unfortunately, we might never find out what happened to him. We hope the biker decided to return and warn the cyclist. That`s what any good person should do in that situation.

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