Scaring Drivers Who Text While Driving!

Check out these funny pranksters that are scaring drivers who text while driving on the city streets. What do you think? Are these guys villains or heroes? As you can see on the video below, these guys wanted to teach a good lesson to people who were using their phones while they were driving on the road. So, they started to scare the drivers who had their windows open and threw a banana or some other trash at those drivers who had their windows closed.

Scaring Drivers Who Text While Driving 2

Maybe you share the same feeling, bu I feel like 80% of the time I want honk the car horn, because while I’m driving in the city the light is always turned green and the driver in front of me is too busy texting or talking on his phone to notice. Maybe these guys on the video  are harassing people on their phones. They are yelling, screaming, throwing things… All of those drivers who are texting while driving are putting other people lives in danger and they are creating the traffic even more difficult, not reacting on the green light properly.

I really can’t believe many people are still using their phones while driving. They are completely aware they can kill people by doing so ans they are still doing it. They should all be banned from driving.

Scaring Drivers Who Text While on the Road

Are these guys heroes or villains?

Posted by FailArmy on Wednesday, September 13, 2017