Ryan Friedlinghau – West Coast Customs! Short Biography, Career Highlights & Net Worth!

Finding out something new and exciting about a celebrity is like digging into a deep hole hence the things that you might come across have no end. There is always something else, something that you did not know previously. Whenever we hear the name of Ryan Friedlinghau, the first thing that pops to our mind is the amazing man who made West Coast Customs what it is today. The very same shop featured four straight seasons on the amazing show Pimp My Ride, which meant that Ryan has gained a substantial net worth over the years.

Ryan Friedlinghau - West Coast Customs Short Biography Career Highlights Net Worth 1

This business and a famous TV star has managed to gain over $20 million on his bank account to this year, and it is something that can only grow in the future if his shop remains to be as successful as it is now. However, not everything was going as smooth for him at the beginnings.

Ryan Friedlinghau founded West Coast Customs back in the 1990s, all thanks to the $5,000 loan that he got from his grandmother. Ever since then, the company has gained massive popularity and is currently one of the best places that you can customize your vehicles.

His great personality, besides his massive talent for customizing, could have been seen when he joined in the reality show Pimp My Ride back in 2004. His company has many branches worldwide, such as Dubai, Japan, Mexico and even Russia.

There is so much information to find out about Ryan Friedlinghau!